Welcome to Canada

By November 9, 2016Uncategorised
In the past few months we had the pleasure of working with author Kevin Bracken to design his new self-published book “What’s Different in Canada”. Several years ago, Kevin began writing down all the little differences he noticed while living between both Canada and the United States. The result was a popular tumblr feed shedding light to the minor differences between two of the most similar countries in the world.
The book is released at a time when many Americans are strongly considering their move north of the border fearing a Trump America.  When web searches for “move to Canada” spiked dramatically upon ‘The Donald’ winning the Republican nomination, Kevin realized the time to release his blog in book format had come!
The book has now been featured on City TV’s Breakfast Television as well as CTVs evening news on the day of the election. Perhaps his timing has been immaculate – with Immigration Canada’s website crashing the night of the election!

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