A studio is born!

By August 14, 2016Uncategorised
After years of freelancing, dreaming, and paying for a domain – we did it – we finally solidified a studio! We may not have a brigade of full time staff, but when you have an extensive network of talent to partner with for each project, who needs it! We are a creative collective of some magical people – without the overhead. Fluid, hopeful, hard working, creative, radical, international, enthusiastic. We can’t wait to share what we’re up to and help the world rid of ugly content!
To celebrate the occasion and help explain what a “unilope” really is… we asked our friends to draw this creature. The results above are hilarious! Maybe one day we’ll use all of them as wallpaper!

We’d like to keep the doodle collection going, so please send us your version! Email to contact@unilope.com

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